Healthcare, but Healthier for the Planet

Welcome to Medsalv - where sustainability is the driver. As more than a mere remanufacturing company, we're on a unique mission to shape a better world, not just for us but for future generations.

Our quest is no ordinary journey; it's a purposeful dedication to generate a positive impact on people and our planet.

Our enterprise goes beyond remanufacturing; it includes reusable cartons, device collection, waste reduction, and making every step count. From hiring local talent to employing reusable collection bags, every decision we make is a stride towards a more sustainable future.

When Medsalv delivers remanufactured devices, we're not only delivering a high-quality product but an impactful solution for sustainability. We steer clear of cardboard boxes and instead, ship our remanufactured devices in reusable cartons. Our process is simple, yet impactful: hospitals fill our washable collection bags with used devices, place the bag in the reusable carton, and send it back to us. It's a seamless cycle: no waste, just sustainability in action.

This approach enables us to do our part for a greener tomorrow. We eliminate the need for unnecessary packaging, decrease landfill burdens, and prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into our environment. Every device we collect brings us a step closer to a healthier world.

Our commitment isn't confined to devices; it extends to people as well. We believe that employing locally contributes to vibrant communities, provides stable jobs, and empowers individuals to prosper. After all, healthy communities grow healthy individuals, and health is the backbone of equitable access to human rights.

Sustainable employment at Medsalv isn't just a feel-good concept; it's a solid commitment to supporting United Nations, Sustainable Development Goal #8, providing decent work and economic growth opportunities. We've specifically created our remanufacturing processes to enable those facing barriers to employment to actively participate in the workforce and contribute to a sustainable world. We further support them with our specially designed training program to enhance their skills, which not only benefits them but also strengthens our health system. Find more about our social sustainability in this video with Leonard Cullarn one of our Remanufacturing Team Leads.

When you opt for Medsalv, you're not merely choosing high-quality patient care through our remanufactured medical devices; you're partaking in a larger cause. Together, we can foster an environment where both healthcare and the natural world flourish, increasing hope for the generations to come.

At Medsalv, we're not just remanufacturing; we're revising the narrative of healthcare and its impact. With our reusable cartons, local employment initiatives, and an overarching green approach, we're laying the foundation for a brighter future. This is your opportunity to make history, participate in this transformation, and be a part of the only remanufacturing sustainability initiative in the southern hemisphere. Will you seize this chance to be the change you wish to see? The choice is yours.

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